ANK audio: Designed by Andy Grove of Audio Note fame and manufactured in Canada in both kit form and finished goods, provide some of very finest matured tube gear available at any price let alone what we offer them for.. Their top of line pre-amp the Mentor sells for 8000.00 but easily competes with the worlds best.

Starting at under $2000.000

Tri Japan: Makers of fine Tube electronics, produces a large selection of products from Integrated amps, pre-amps, amps, dacs, phono amps and headphone amps, from you guessed it, Japan. Beautifully executed designs for all price points from high-quality entry to reference levels.

Starting from $2800.00 USD

Dynavector Cartridges : 

Acoustic Solid: Winning countless awards for best sounding built / peformance turntables  across the globe. These products truly are just that, plain and simple, well thought out designs, impeccably built and sound great! from very reasonable pricing to the extravagant.

Nuprime: While a new name, the product line has a very serious pedigree from the house of Nuforce. Producing a line of tour de force amps, integrated amps, Dacs and headphone amps, that utilize a new hybrid class A / D amplifier sections. True giant killers, winning dozens of outstanding reviews for incredible performance and value.

Starting at $1200.00

Cardas: One the worlds most iconic brands, period. Producing some of finest cables for audio, turntables, headphones, guitar. Famous for their golden ratio geometry and their rich yet transparent signature. They also make high end ear buds, cartridges et al..

KEF speakers: KEF has been at the forefront of loudspeaker design and technology for 50 years. Its technical expertise and innovative designs grace anything from discreet Custom Install Ci speakers to multi-award winning home theatre systems and class-leading, serious Hi-Fi stereo speakers. From 1961 KEF has been a most forward thinking and technologically advanced Hi-Fi manufacturer in the world.

Accustic ARTS: Designed and manufactured in Germany with the absolutely finest parts available. These products while not inexpensive compete with products in stratosphere when it comes to peformence at a fraction of thier asking prices, so for all intensive purposes " they are quite a bargain"

Some of very finest SS products I have personally experianced.

NHT (Now hear this)  : ,  Since 1987 NHT as been synonymous with providing superb sounding gear at all at exceptional pricing. Well as for today, they are are even doing a better job by factory direct pricing, better quality than ever and the very best customer service

Mr Speakers: MrSpeakers was founded with a simple goal in mind: make great headphone products and have fun doing it.  At MrSpeakers, we believe audiophile performance can be delivered at a variety of prices and we strive to deliver incredible performance and high value for each and every product.
Starting at $299.00 USD

Quicksilver audio: An American manufacturer of pre-amps and mono amps, that's been around for decades. Their claim to fame is rock solid reliable tube gear that sounds amazing all for the price of Chinese made products. Incredible but true we love their gear.. Amps and pre-amp combos.

Starting at $2200.00 USD

Auralic: World  renowned for their state of the art yet affordable hi rez streamers& renderers, headphone amps and now all in one streamer, DAC, amplifiers.

Starting at under $599.00 USD

Hifiman :  One of most prolific personal hifi brands in recent history. Planar technology headphones, hi end portable players, amps and accessories make Hifiman one of most repected names in our industry..

Analysis Plus: Unlike other cable companies, we only make claims based on proven tangible (and audible) data.Here is some collateral showing the proof of our cable’s performance

 Lyndorf Audio :  Is synonymous for bringing leading edge technology to our industry, namely power DACs, DSP, and most significant; room correction (RoomPerfect™). While there are licencees the use this technology , there is not one company that provides all of thier technologies into a single elegant package, except Lyndorf.  This single product will trasnform your listening room

Lawrence Audio: When thinking Art & Audio look further than this wonderful line of products. Stunning to behold, but beauty is more than skin-deep. Exceptionally well engineered and utilizing top quality audiophile components throughout. Winning many excellent accolades worldwide.. Lawrence audio; you can have it all...

Starting at $4000.00 pr

Metrum: Designed in Holland and world renowned. They offer some of the finest most musical sounding DACs available at any price. Using proprietory non over sampling DAC,s these are the closest thing to the sound of analogue with with the dynamics of digital.

Starting at $1299.00

Audio Analogue: Hand-made in Italy for many years. Famous for creating wonderfully musical products, with rich seductive harmonics & natural timbres are now offering a new line-up of integrated amps and sources.

Starting at and incredible $1395.00

BC Acoustics: Since 1993 Christian Avedissian and Bruno Roux  (both legitimate engineers) have been designing and manufacturing under the BC brand in France.  In Europe they are a well established respected company, producing exceptional products with the emphasis on very high return on your investment. Dollar for dollar they provide some of the best value in our industry.

Exogal: Made in USA by the TEAM from WADIA. comes one of the worlds most advanced companies to break ground. From their future proof DACs to their STATE of the ART Power DAC amps. Exogal promotes leading edge technology at real world prices..

Linear Tube Audio:  From the brilliant mind of David Berning and the production expertise of Mark Schneider this new brand was conceived. Thier products are based on improved versions of Berning's famous ZOTL circuit designs. Linear Tube Audio is a huge success right out to the gate. Featuring amps, pre/ head phone amps.

Nagaoka Cartridges : 

Amphion: One of finest engineered speakers designed. Made in Finland, these products combine Scandinavian design & technical precision, providing  one of most accurate speakers available. Famous for their use both in the home and studio, the unique waveguide provides incredible imaging, high resolution with smooth extended frequencies. 

Starting from  $1500.00 pr

HiFI Gear and Accessories

Sonodyne Acoustics : Some things are well hidden waiting to be found. Sonodyne is one of those things, designed and manufactured in India, Sonodyne has earned a fantastic reputation for producing some of very best active speakers for both domestic and professional applications, all at exceptional pricing.

Mainstream Audio: Designed in Canada, Mainstream offers digital streamers and mini amps that aim straight at the likes of SONOS and Blue Sound at a fraction of the price and offer more features and HD high rez streaming capabilities starting at under 300.00 CAD

Tom Evans: One the world's most respected brands. From the horses mouth "We have been producing the highest quality audio equipment since the mid 80’s, and in that time we have earned ourselves a Worldwide reputation as designers with uncommon skills.
Our designs have been called “Designs of Genius”. We hope you will agree

Phono stages, pre amps, amplifiers. Products starting at $ 1650.00

Benz Cartridges : 

ESS speakers: Some of you may remember them back in the 70's. They were way beyond what was available back then using Dr Oscar Heils patented AMT drivers. Well, they are back, offering a new line of speakers and headphones. They are 100% made in the USA and are simply outstanding. Very sensitive and easy to drive even for SE triodes producing a very open transparent sound but with great bass extension and selling for prices that belies their performance. Selling at factory direct pricing.

Starting $1900.00 pr USD

DSP speaker: Optimize your system with Anti Mode 2.0  room correction system. Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core is DSPeaker's award-winning loudspeaker optimization system capable of perfecting the acoustic performance of any full-range stereo audio system. The winner of countless best in show awards.

Starting at $1049.00 USD 

Goldnote: One of the most respected producers of hi-end audio in Europe. Makers of some of the most beautiful sounding and engineered Turntables, tonearms, cartridges, electronics and speakers you can possibly experience. Very high value/ performance ratio with their turntables Starting at $1500.00

Legacy Audio: Top flight engineering, the finest cabinetry, the world's best components, easy to drive, hundreds of excellent reviews and state of art performance at  prices that are significantly less than their nearest competitor  Designed and made in the USA, how can you beat that, we don't think you can

Edwards Audio: Is the Turntable company for REGA lovers. Imagine all the excellent qualities of REGA without any of their issues. Top quality /Value Turntables, Arms, phono preamp made in the UK 

Starting from $ 399.00