Hifi shop offer 3 unique ways to make your next Hifi purchase:

By Appointment:

You can make an appointment with us anytime to audition your gear at our local showroom in Vernon BC. Where you will receive all the attention and focus you deserve without any typical distractions associated with conventional retail environments. With Hifi shop its all about you, your service, your comfort, and ultimately

your satisfaction.

The Xperiance:

This by appointment service is the most unique in our industry. Partnering with sparkling hill resorts www.sparklinghill.com (one of North Americas premier resorts) You and a friend can book a two day escape and while being surrounded by our gorgeous countryside and spectacular views and access to one of the worlds most elaborate spas. You can also unwind and enjoy auditioning your next hifi system  with a glass of wine or perhaps a healing tea... inquire about more details by emailing us anytime.

Home Audition:

In all the years we have been involved in this industry the vast majority of the time we found no better place to evaluate a product then in your own acoustical space with your own system. 

We have devised a hands on comprehensive qualification system to help enable you to match the right gear or system with your needs and budgets through our virtual system design concept consultation. Once agreed upon you can borrow or purchase a unit or system with a 100% satisfaction guarantee 


HiFI Gear and Accessories