HiFI Gear and Accessories


We often hear people comment that two channel audio is making a comeback. In our view, it never left. We've been in this industry  for around 30 years with a steady clientele of audio addicts, whether through  people's decision to continue  with  CDs, the latest in streaming technology or riding the wave of the re-emergence of vinyl. Regardless of your preferred medium, it all comes down to how the music makes you feel. The more realistic the presentation amplifies the feeling that much more...

That's what we do, help recreate the best possible experience within your home, respecting your budget and personal taste.

Our customers have always demanded the best deal! So do most people but what's the definition of "the-best-deal". Our definition is simple. The very best results from your investment. 

And that is our promise!

Well you ask, how can we make such a promise, well that is where is gets interesting, it all starts with experience, our experience.

My favorite way to illustrate my point is this: When enjoying an excellent gourmet dinner, what is predominantly responsible for the end result? First and foremost it is the Chef, then the recipe and finally the quality of the ingredients. 

I mean, you can conceivably have great ingredients, a confusing recipe or good ingredients with a great recipe, even the best ingredients but entrust  a cook with less experience and most often you will net a poor end result.

Don't get me wrong, start with great ingredients and a fabulous recipe with a great chef and now your talking, the end result would be nothing short of nirvana. But it has been my experience, that even with decent ingredients and a simple recipe prepared by a seasoned chef will result in a delicious and satisfying experience, every time!

My point, we are that seasoned Chef.

Bon Appetit